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Wisdom journal is published by The University Of Justice And Wisdom in America. The journal includes studies and research from the Institution. More than fifty doctors and researchers from around the world takes prats in the publication of this journal. If you would like to take part in this journal or have any feed backs, contact us via the email on this page. For the first issue of the journal most studies include an abstract in English.

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Hassan Togun Abdullah
Adnan Maleh Sajit
Marwa Habib Hassan
Economic And Cultural Life In The City Of Alexandria In The Byzantine Era
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Charef Meriem
Revolutionary Documentaries During The Algerian Revolution And Their Role In Consolidating The Values Of Citizenship
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Abdellatif Abouricha
The Mountain In The Region Of Algharb From The Historical Dimonsion To The Geographical Discrimination
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Malika Dahmani
Lakhdar Salim Guebboub
Strengthen The Cultural Sense Of The Community Through Museum Institutions
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Soufi Abdelouaheb
Ben Gou Nasrine
The Psychological Loneliness Of Students At The University Of Tlemcen
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Mouloud Mammeri
Cheating In Exams And Its Relationship To Future Anxiety Among University Students
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Leghars Souhila
Improving Functionality For The Teachers In View Of Implementation Total Quality Management In Universities
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Messabih Fatima
Public Service In Algeria Between Globalization And Modernity
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Nadia Charef
Samira Charef
Structure Study In Phonology And Physics
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Fellah Noura
The Beauty Of Repetition In The Revolutions Of Muhammad Al-eid Al Khalifa
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Department Of Library And Information Science
Governance In Algerian Information Systems And Libraries
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Erraougui Khalid
Bouchibi Abdelilah
Daiboun Thami
The Role Of The Tertiary Sector In The Economy Of Road Agglomerations
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Amar Farid
El Boubekri Mohamed
Women’s Political Participation At The Territorial Level In Morocco
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